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Shipping Disclaimer

Custom cakes cannot be shipped. 

Shippable cakes are topped with milk chocolate or white chocolate and may experience moderate to severe melting or cracking during transit, especially in summer months or warmer temperatures. This is completely normal and out of my control and does NOT compromise the freshness of the cake.

To keep consumer costs down, cakes are shipped without the use of dry ice via USPS Express! Any damages that may occur while in transit, due to mishandling, should be addressed to USPS , as I cannot control how your cake is handled once it leaves my possession. To file a claim, please call 1 (800) 275-8777

NO PARCEL LOCKERS!! Please do NOT have your cake delivered to a parcel locker, as it will likely be placed on it’s side for an extended period of time resulting in your cake settling to one side of the tin!

I designed these cakes to be able to handle being briefly flipped or tumbled while in transit. However they are NOT able to withstand being placed upside down or on its side for extended periods of time, especially in warmer temperatures.. This will result in the cake shifting inside the tin or adhering to the protective parchment inside the lid of the tin.

Shipping dates are estimated and are not definite. Production time is 7-10 business days but may be shorter or longer (dependent upon product demand). This DOES NOT include shipping time! Items are shipped USPS Express and depending on location, usually arrive in 1 – 3 business days once shipped.(THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED). PLEASE CONTACT USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777 IF YOU HAVE DELIVERY QUESTIONS! The COVID-19 pandemic has created record-breaking shipping  volumes. As more people shop online to avoid crowds in stores, those numbers have grown even more. This has created shipping volumes that are taxing logistics networks nationwide, which may cause delays. PLEASE CONTACT USPS  IF YOUR PACKAGE HAS NOT ARRIVED WITHIN 5 DAYS AFTER YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED…

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for delayed or undelivered items due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. Please make sure that you have provided the correct zip code, apartment #, street #, or type of street (Blvd., Rd., Ave., etc.) to avoid a surcharge. Be aware that we instruct the shipping carrier that no signature is required. Otherwise, it could take the cake beyond its shelf life to be delivered to the correct address. Carrier may leave cakes at the door if there is no one home. We are not responsible if your cake is attacked by ants, bears, raccoons or other wild animals! Please follow your package location once tracking has been provided so that you can make the proper arrangements to bring it safely inside once it has been delivered! However carrier may choose, at its sole discretion, not to leave a package at the door if they feel it would be unsafe for any reason. Carrier instead will leave a tag indicating how to arrange pickup or another delivery. 

Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for undeliverable cakes or delays in the receipt of cakes due to weather, holidays, or other circumstances beyond our control, including the COVID-19 pandemic! 

All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation, fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic circumstances. In the case of human or computer error, Golden Sugar Bakery  reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price or service.

Please be advised that baked goods may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, dairy, milk products, eggs, wheat, chocolate, gluten and or other allergens. Some cakes make contain rainbow sprinkles!

Please keep cake refrigerated and eat or discord within 7days of receipt. Refrigeration is highly recommend. However, If you choose not to refrigerate your cake, please consume or discord within 2 days of receipt. Refrigerate all cakes immediately. Unopened tins will remain fresh in refrigeration for up to 1 month or in the freezer for up to 1 year!  All sales are final! No cancellations, No refunds! Customer service is very limited, as I work alone and bake and ship an extremely high volume of products weekly.

Custom cakes can not be shipped.

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