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Terms & Conditions

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Golden Sugar Bakery LLC and its affiliated companies (referred to herein as ” Golden Sugar Bakery, The Cake Essentials, “we” or “us” ) is committed to providing professional and reliable services to exceed the expectations of our customers. This statement discloses our terms and conditions of our services and acts as a contract once your order is booked with us - a deposit or full payment is processed to Golden Sugar Bakery.  This agreement underscores the utmost importance of payment in securing an event date, requiring either a full payment or a 50% non refundable initial deposit. In the spirit of transparency, we detail the timeline for final payments and changes to cake details. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service is reflected in our  delivery and setup instructions, addressing matters of liability and the usage of cake photographs, our contract outlines our policies on allergens, rescheduling, and inconveniences fees. By acknowledging artistic license, this document concludes by affirming that payment, whether in the form of a deposit or in full, signifies agreement with the specified terms and conditions. Through this, we aim to foster a clear understanding and ensure a positive experience for both parties involved in the client-baker relationship. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of our Terms and Conditions at any time. If so, any such changes will be posted on this page and you will be notified via. e-mail. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of this following the posting of changes to the Golden Sugar Bakery Terms and Conditions will mean you accept those changes.


1.    A 50% nonrefundable deposit reserves your event date and is non-refundable or transferable. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

2.  Your balance is due two (2) weeks before your event date.  If you miss your final payment on the initial due date, there will be an additional 15% late fee to cover any expedited fees for shipping tools/ingredients.

3.   Full payment is due for orders made less than two (2) weeks from your event date. Full payment made for orders under two weeks is non-refundable or transferable. 

4.   The date of your final payment, two (2) weeks before your event date, or before if paid in full, is the final date for any changes of size, style, or flavors of the cake.  Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.



1.     Due to the logistics of scheduling multiple deliveries and set-ups each day, Golden Sugar Bakery requires a time “range” for delivery and set up, as provided by you. You are responsible for confirming this time with your reception/venue staff or occasion coordinator. Cake tables must be set up and ready for us to arrive before the start of this time range. Plateaus, pedestals, risers, and dessert trays must also be in place if we are not the providers.

2.     Deliveries to outdoor sites are scheduled as close to the event time as possible, to allow for any last-minute changes to cake table location or risks of damage, due to weather.

3.     Call to inform us of any changes to the time range for delivery, immediately, so Golden Sugar Bakery can do everything in its power to avoid scheduling conflicts. Please note the phone number at the bottom of this contract.

4.     Please keep in mind that any delay to delivery affects not only Golden Sugar Bakery, LLC., and its staffed labor but also all clients expecting delivery following yours. Golden Sugar Bakery charges $25 per half hour of delay in setting up our cakes at any venue, rounded up to the next half in cases of partial periods. The venue must be unlocked and opened, and the cake table set up at the start of the time range to avoid this penalty. The responsibility of this fee is placed upon you, the paying client, and will be invoiced following the event.

5.     Inflexible Delivery times (that can only be made in a 2-hour window as specified by you or the venue) may incur an additional fee. For example, if you do not have flexibility of delivery, and your window for set up requires us to staff additional vehicles and personnel to meet all our obligations, we may charge for added labor and delivery staff.

6.          If, upon delivery, there's no designated space for the cake, and it's placed somewhere other than the intended setup location i,e. Refrigerator or freezer,  issues arising from the cake being cold or frozen when cut into are not Golden Sugar Bakery’s responsibility. The cake must be set up where it needs to be within the two-hour timeframe leading up to your scheduled cake serving time to ensure the best experience.

7.     Golden Sugar Bakery is not responsible for injuries made from cake transporting while Golden Sugar Bakery’s staff is not a witness.


1.    It is your sole responsibility to confirm the details on the invoice. Changes must be notified electronically by e-mail or text and approved by the assigned Golden Sugar Bakery representative.

2.    You are also acknowledging and responsible for all “non-toxic” items you chose for this order such as disco dust and luster dust that is not edible but for enhancing decorating use only. This also includes any fresh flowers or cake toppers that go on the cake. Fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants.

3.    All “freestyle” work is nonrefundable. It is your responsibility to provide in writing a clear understanding of what is expected i.e., theme, shape, color, number of tiers, likes and dislikes, etc. for your final cake design. Golden Sugar Bakery will not be held responsible if the cake design does not meet your expectations due to a lack of information or uncertainty on your part. Golden Sugar Bakery reserves the right to enhance your cake design from a cake inspirational image without the client’s approval.  

4.    You are acknowledging that Golden Sugar Bakery does not replicate other artist cake designs “exactly the same”. Golden Sugar Bakery only offers similar replicas. This means colors, size, and structure will be as close as possible to the photo.  It is your responsibility to inform Golden Sugar Bakery what you like and dislike from the cake-inspired photograph. 



1.          Golden Sugar Bakery is not responsible for damage to cakes after pickup.

2.    Pickup time is between 10 am – 6 pm. Inconvenience fees apply for specific scenarios.



1.    All design fees and 50% deposits are non-refundable. The balance may be used as a credit for future orders if canceled at least 15 business days before the event.

2.         Cancellations within 15 business days of the event are non-refundable. Family emergencies are considered on a case-by-case basis for orders over $3,000.



1.    The date of your final payment, two (2) weeks before your event date, is the final date for any changes in the size, style, or flavors of the cake. Changes requested after this date may be subject to additional charges and cannot be guaranteed.



1.    Outdoor settings are unpredictable. While Golden Sugar Bakery will do everything in its power to minimize weather damage, cake, and sugar will melt in temperatures above 72 * and in high humidity. Golden Sugar Bakery is not responsible for damage caused by weather.

a. Damage common in outdoor sites: sweating, water condensation, running of colors, melting buttercream, sliding decorations, bug attractant.


1.     Golden Sugar Bakery reserves the right to refuse the set up of a cake in any location that is not properly air-conditioned, or weatherproofed or on any cake plateau or stand that does not appear sturdy enough to hold the weight of our cakes. All efforts will be made to work with venue staff to find placement better suited for your cake to make sure it looks beautiful on your arrival.

2.     Cake is heavy and requires a perfectly level and sturdy table and cake plateau/stand. The Bakery is not responsible for any damage caused by tables or cake plateaus/stands that were unable to withstand the weight of our cakes or improperly installed or installed at a lean.

3.     Once cakes are set up, they are not intended to be moved until served. Golden Sugar Bakery is not responsible for damage caused by others after the cake is set up by Golden Sugar Bakery.

4.     Tall cocktail tables are not suitable for tiered cakes over 2 tiers tall and are not recommended, as someone will have to climb a ladder to both set up the cake and again at the reception to disassemble and serve your cake.

5.     Please be aware that 5-tiered or larger cakes on a standard-height table may require a step stool or step ladder to disassemble and serve.



1.    Color matching requires providing a swatch, and Golden Sugar Bakery will match within 3 shades. Dark colors may taste bitter or stain.


1.     Golden Sugar Bakery reserves the right to take and use photographs of your cake(s) and desserts, before, during, and after setting up, including scene-type photos of the event location, to use for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes, without compensation to you.


1.    Golden Sugar Bakery, is a licensed, insured, and health-permitted bakery. While Golden Sugar Bakery can attempt to reduce some allergens in your cakes, Golden Sugar Bakery cannot prevent cross-contamination in our common prep areas. Golden Sugar Bakery processes known allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, dairy, corn, gluten, and eggs. You agree to notify guests of allergen risks and hold us harmless for any allergic reaction.




1.     Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Golden Sugar Bakery, to complete this agreement when delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to, Acts of God, Government restrictions, war, terrorism, criminal act, insurrection, and/or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of the company.

2.     Golden Sugar Bakery, is limited to the liability of the cost of your cakes ordered from Golden Sugar Bakery only.



1.    The Parties agree under this contract that any dispute, whether in law or equity, will be determined under the Laws of the State of New York and agree that jurisdiction for any dispute arising from this contract or between the Parties hereto shall be in Queens, New York.


“I agree to the terms set out in this contract and agree that I am the person responsible for all payments and decisions regarding this cake order.” Once a deposit or full payment is made, you wholly agree with the terms and conditions stated above.

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